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 Microfinance in Morocco : Problems and challenges

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After significant development in the sector - Microfinance in Morocco - since its inception in the mid-nineties to now, in recent years started to suffer from problems and new challenges such as:

1 - hardness performance: for after the loan recovery rate exceeding 98%, it currently covers 94% only, to see the advances that began Tqtaa known in the sector recently, and is intended to "benefit the beneficiary and one of several loans by various associations," and this phenomenon is due to the concentration of a number of associations active in this area, close to each other resulting in the intersection of customers, in addition to the absence of a common data and data on beneficiaries has increased portfolio, which is in danger Le port feuille à risqué which exceed 30 days from 0.5% in 2004 to 5% in 2008 or approximately 400 million dirhams, and is working to overcome the National Federation of Microcredit Associations "FNAM" to install the center of the risks of micro-credit associations to avoid popularly customers.

2 - Rising interest rates: the proportion of the prevailing interest rates in Morocco by the micro-credit associations, which between 13% and 15%, which is very high compared with the situation socio - economic for the poor, and the social objective of these associations, as this ratio remains higher than applicable Balobnak (ranging between 8% and 9%), which is primarily aimed at profit, so it should reduce this ratio to be in line with the status of the poor and enable them to benefit from the services provided by micro-credit associations.

3 - uneven geographic distribution: Keep the geographical distribution of agencies, micro-credit associations is characterized by unequal between the urban and rural area, most of the centers are concentrated in urban areas, with the knowledge that rural areas need significantly to this type of financial services, it is currently 1.4 million customers, we find only 400 thousand customers of the world areas.

4 - Sustainability or agent of continuity: the microcredit associations still depend heavily on grants and contributions for capital to finance its activities, by the organs, organizations and donors, and so the challenge posed by the continuity of the activity of these associations and expanded to include other geographical areas, in addition to the reflections current global financial crisis, the sector has been reflected in the integration of the Assembly of Zakoura with the Foundation for the popular Bank of microcredit in recent times under the name of the association "Zakoura popular" microcredit, and thus it places new challenges to the sector.
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Microfinance in Morocco : Problems and challenges
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